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Elite Power Services, Inc. Generators

 Generator sets used for standby power has become a necessity not only in hospitals, fire stations, and other emergency related entities, but also in financial institutions, large public facilities, and households, due to the recent natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, as well as freak ice and snow storms in North America, the infamous power outages of 1996, 2000, 2001, and 2003 have called attention to the various reasons causing outages such as aging transmission infrastructure, insufficient installed capacity, and flawed regulatory schemes. For this reason Elite Power Services is committed in supplying the equipment and services our customers need in times of crises. 


 Scheduled Maintenance Agreements, are set up annually, semi-annually, quarterly or Monthly, also equipment load bank testing, coolant and oil analysis and thermal inspections. 


 On-site equipment repair, we work on all makes and models of generators and transfer panels.
24 Hours Emergency Services. We are on call 24hours a day to respond to your equipment emergencies. 


 With over 35 yrs of experience we bring a wealth of knowledge to our customers, reducing troubleshooting time and labor charges.
We have access to almost every make and model of generator and transfer panel parts. 


 Diesel Fuel Polishing up to 10,000 gallons and Diesel Fuel Analysis Testing 


 Generator Load Bank Services from 5KW to 2000KW 


 Sales, Service & Repair of All Makes and Models of Transfer Panels 

 Customer Equipment training and Advisory service. With over 35 yrs of experience we have a wealth of information that we share with our customers to guide them in making sound decisions on there equipment purchases and training programs for there employees.We provide customized training classes and seminars to meet the specific requirement.

Please call us to discuss how we can meet your unique requirements.